Self Awareness and Media Preparedness for small CRO. A small life sciences company contacted ARC regarding a letter from person claiming the CRO had their animals.

The company had come to the attention of a local person because they had done the "right thing" and adopted out some suitable animals. It was difficult to believe that by upholding a "best practice" now they had become a target.

ARC bridged the gap between physical security and institutional awareness. ARC assited with internal education regarding animal rights movement, review of communications, development of internal policies, media materials.

Social Housing of rabbits:

Compliance with the 2010 Guide

Many Clients have had challenges with developing new procedures for the social housing of rabbits; these include introductions, cage types, group size and what amount of aggression or dominance hierarchy behaviors or injuries will be considered acceptable.

Grant Development: 3 universities

Perform on site review of existing facilities and capabilities. Interview Faculty. Suggest strategies that are same time, money and maximize user space. As well as, fit the criteria for the economic stimulus grant money. Technologies include recyclable disposable caging. Which eliminates the need for a cage washer, saving money and personnel time.