Selected Publications, and lectures:

February 2006.Protocol Review: Modular doesn’t apply to animal studies. Lab Animal Vol. 35(2) - Solicited.

October 14, 2005.Anything but buprenorphine, alternatives in pain relief. Keynote speaker Southern New England branch of AALAS annual awards dinner. Foxwoods CT - Invited

September 22, 2005.Calculating Humane Endpoints. New England Branch of AALAS.
Boston MA - Invited

September 8 & 9, 2005.Keeping The Wolves at Bay: Strategic Planning in an era of Animal activism: AWEN- SUBR joint workshop Chicago IL

April 21, 2005.Treatment of Pain and Distress in chronic models: Presented at ATOP II Workshop Chicago IL

2004. Banjanin S, Barley J , Bell L, Cunneen M, Johnston I, Quintero I, Weilemann R, Reinhardt V. Environmental enrichment for guinea pigs: A Discussion by the Laboratory Animal Refinement & Enrichment Forum. Animal Technology and Welfare 3, 161-163
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September 28, 2004.Designing for Flexibility, ergonomics and cost. Presented at Aquarium and Zoo Facilities Association meeting. Oklahoma City Zoo OK. - Invited.

Publications & Lectures